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Dental Implants with Bar Attachment Denture & All on 6

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The Center for Oral, Maxillofacial and Facial Cosmetic Surgery is pleased to offer advanced and accelerated implant therapy that can provide an immediate load of implants with our Smile Today Bar Attachment Denture and All on 6 treatment protocol. The use of the latest technology and advances in dental implant surgery allow for safe, predictable and cost saving options to our patients.

Traditional Dental Implant Therapy

Traditional dental implant therapy has relied on two-dimensional treatment planning, bone grafting procedures, graft healing, and finally dental implant placement. This dental implant treatment protocol, which is still used in certain patients, is predictable but can be very costly and lengthen the treatment time. It may be necessary given the patients anatomy and treatment goals and objectives to stage dental implant surgery with grafting, then dental implant placement.

The Smile Today or Bar Attachment Denture and All on 6 treatment protocol was designed with efficiency and cost containment in mind.

 Before dental treatment
 After dental treatment

Accelerated Dental Implant Treatment in Wilmington

In most patients using Cone Beam Technology (3-D imaging), virtual treatment planning and Biomet Navigation Technology bone grafting procedures can be eliminated or kept to a minimum with a fixed restoration and immediate function provided the day of surgery or the first day after surgery eliminating the need for patients to wear removable dentures after surgery. Conventional treatment typically takes six to twelve months with accelerated implant treatment using the Bar Attachment Denture and All on 6 protocol typically takes just two to three days. In addition to a time-efficient treatment approach, the protocol eliminates multiple surgeries, decreases cost and keeps post operative discomfort to a minimum.

A final restoration is placed three to six months after the initial surgery to complete treatment.

A carefully designed treatment protocol has been formulated by the surgeon, restorative dentist, a specialized lab, and our preferred dental implant company to ensure safe, predictable and efficient dental implant treatment in Wilmington, DE.

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