Chin Implant Augmentation

Chin Augmentation

For many patients, a small or “weak” chin is an area of cosmetic concern and can negatively affect their self-image. By augmenting a patient’s natural bone structure with a chin implant, our experienced surgeon, Dr. Spera can reshape the profile of the face and create a stronger jawline and facial harmony. This procedure, known as a chin augmentation. A more prominent chin can also provide added support for the neck muscles and skin suspended from the jaw, helping to reduce the sagging and drooping that often develops with age.

Your Individual Goals

Chin augmentations can be performed as a single procedure, or in combination with other surgical or non-surgical treatments for a more comprehensive facial rejuvenation. Dr. Spera will consult with you to help you make an informed decision about which procedures will best achieve your desired results.


The chin augmentation procedure typically involves an incision made either in the crease beneath the chin or inside the mouth. The anesthesia is typically IV sedation or general anesthesia depending on the patients needs. Any residual scarring should be virtually unnoticeable. Dr. Spera will then place a silicone elastomer implant along the chin and position it for the best possible aesthetic results. The implants are available in many shapes and sizes – Dr. Spera will go over your options with you thoroughly at the initial consultation to determine the one that is best for your needs. Dr. Spera also offers custom implants that are fabricated using 3D modeling for asymmetry’s and unusually shaped chins.


The recovery after a single surgery to augment the chin is typically 2-3 days with minimal swelling and discomfort. A small dressing may be applied for 5-7 days after the surgery to support the underlying musculature for an optimal outcome. A post-operative visit is typically done in 10-14 days.